Are you and your partner money compatible?

To everyone on the outside, Sarah and Steve are a match made in heaven. “We have the same taste in friends, music, food and movies. But when it comes to money, Steve and I are on opposite sides of the universe,” Sarah shares. Steve laughs in agreement, before adding: “Mention the word ‘payday’ to me […]

It’s forward to the past for mortgages

Where we have come from Thirty years ago, owning property was a privilege, not a right. You needed to have an exemplary credit history and a 10% deposit or more. If you had those ingredients, a lender would consider you for a mortgage of up to three times your annual gross salary or three times […]

Is it worth paying for financial advice?

My cousin likes a bit of DIY, so when his boiler stopped working in November he decided to have a go himself. He looked up the model on the internet and downloaded a 72-page document with everything he needed to know about his boiler. After dismantling it and making a mess in the kitchen as […]

It takes common sense to manage money

  I was reading this weekend of another superstar declaring bankruptcy. I couldn’t understand it. In fact, I have always been puzzled how some top sports stars such as footballers and basketball players or artists, such as musicians and film stars, who, during the summit of their careers, earned fabulous amounts of money, end up […]

Is critical illness cover worth the expense?

Most homebuyers purchase life insurance when they arrange a mortgage, but only a minority will take up another form of financial protection that is five times more likely to pay out. Critical illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum on diagnosis of any one of a list of serious (critical) illnesses, including cancer and heart […]