Five financial “no-brainers”

Have you ever spent a good while looking for a bunch of keys only to find they’ve been in your pocket all along? I certainly have! Some things are so obvious it’s hard to see them even though they may be right in front of you. Managing your finances is no different. Here are some […]

From despair to hope in one phone call

When my client Eddie’s number came up on my phone, I expected him to be enquiring about topping up his pension and ISA. Eddie was a self-employed high-end carpenter, making stylish, unusual, high-quality dining tables, desks and chairs for boutique furniture shops in London, Paris, Milan and New York. He was doing well, and would […]

Should you invest in a pension or an ISA?

Because pensions and ISAs work differently and have their own set of rules, it can be difficult choosing between the two. What they do have in common is that they are both tax efficient ways of saving. Your choice would depend on your personal circumstances and what’s most important to you. There are several factors […]