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Independent Financial Adviser in Leicester & Rutland

Bina Chauhan is one of Sterling & Law’s independent financial advisers. She offers tailored financial advice covering Leicester & Rutland. Bina offers a range of services covering mortgages, financial planning, equity release, pensions, investments and inheritance tax advice.

Furthermore, Bina can advise on and recommend a range of protection policies and insurances, This includes income protection, life insurance, critical illness cover and more.

An experienced IFA in Leicester

Operating as an experienced financial adviser in Leicester, Bina works with a range of clients covering:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Business owners

You can find more information about Bina’s experience and the services she offers to her Leicester & Rutland-based clients throughout this page.

Working with an independent financial adviser

There are many reasons and advantages to working with an independent financial adviser. Here are a handful of reasons for working with an IFA:

  • Unbiased, tailored independent financial advice
  • A client-focused approach
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Specialist financial knowledge and expertise
  • Access to the whole of the investment market

Looking to speak to a trusted financial professional?

Call Bina now on: 0203 740 5856

You can find out more about the services she provides throughout the rest of this page.

A local IFA offering a range of services

With a comprehensive range of experience, Bina provides financial advice across a broad range of disciplines.

You can find out more about these services below.

Independent mortgage advice in Leicester

Bina’s role as a mortgage adviser is to assist you in finding the right product for your circumstances and requirements.

There are a host of advantages to working with a mortgage adviser ranging from finding the best financial deal and arranging all of the paperwork, negotiating rates and managing the whole process.

Bina offers a free consultation, where she can discuss needs and requirements.

Foreign national and Visa mortgages

In addition to offering advice on your typical mortgage arrangements, I also specialise in helping foreign nationals, and those with Visas.

Mortgages for foreign nationals

I understand the unique challenges faced by foreign nationals seeking a mortgage in the UK.

As a result, I work tirelessly to simplify the process, offering expert guidance on eligibility criteria, navigating financial regulations, and securing competitive mortgage options.

Visa mortgages

I provide tailored solutions for foreign nationals in the UK navigating the complex landscape of obtaining a mortgage.

As an experienced mortgage adviser, I am committed to guiding you through the details and requirements, offering expert assistance in securing the right mortgage product that aligns with your Visa status.

Equity release

Equity release provides the opportunity to release cash from your property. You have the freedom to use the funds however you wish. Many people opt for equity release to renovate their homes, pay for vacations, or travel.

If you are seeking unbiased advice on equity release, reach out to Bina today for a complimentary consultation.

Pension & retirement advice

The pension advice service Bina offers delivers bespoke recommendations aligned with her client’s individual goals and aspirations for retirement.

Pensions offer significant tax advantages. This makes them an incredibly tax-efficient investment. Furthermore, they are often the backbone of a financially independent retirement.

Investment advice

With extensive industry experience,  Bina advises on a range of investments including:

  • Stocks & shares ISAs & JISAs
  • General Investment Accounts, Onshore & Offshore Bonds
  • Personal & Corporate Pensions & discretionary Managed Portfolios
  • Corporate investing & Venture Capital Trusts

Whether you are looking to accumulate wealth, or generate income from your investments, talk to Bina today about a free consultation.

Inheritance tax (IHT)

Bina’s inheritance tax planning and advice service aims to minimise the tax burden on your beneficiaries by utilising various ethical and legal tax mitigation strategies.

This can include gifting, trusts and wills. These strategies serve to ensure assets are distributed in a tax-efficient way. If you are looking for a local inheritance tax adviser, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bina today.

Looking for financial advice from a local IFA?

Call Bina now on: 0203 740 5856

Insurance and protection policies

Further to offering independent financial advice in Leicester & Rutland, Bina can consult on and recommend a range of insurance and protection policies.

This includes:

Mortgage Protection: financial security and peace of mind. Protecting your home from repossession and helping your family pay bills if you die unexpectedly

Income Protection: maintaining income in the event of ill health or redundancy

Life insurance: financial protection for your family and loved one’s should you pass unexpectedly

Home Insurance: covers in the event of damage to your property, protecting your possessions and providing liability coverage for accidents

Looking to protect yourself against life’s uncertainties?

Contact Bina now on: 0203 740 5856

About Bina – a trusted IFA in Leicester & Rutland

Bina has enjoyed a successful career in financial services, with an emphasis on mortgages and protection.

She has worked with leading international banks, brokerage houses and estate agents. Her expertise extends to mortgages in residential and corporate markets.

Strong client relationships

Bina has built strong relationships in her area of focus, Leicestershire – one of the UK’s most diverse counties. Her strong interpersonal and multilingual skills have been highly desirable to her clients, leading to trusted relationships, referrals and repeat business.

Customer-focused financial advice

Passionate about the customer journey and putting her customers’ needs first, Bina is widely recognised as a specialist in complex and intricate mortgages. Her attention to detail, in-depth market knowledge and finesse through to completion are a winning combination in what can be a tricky marketplace.

In her spare time, Bina is a mum of three young boys with an active home life cleaning up after them and an even messier husband! Passionate about interior design and cooking, she is never far away from a freshly baked cake or reorganising a wall in her house!


BA (Hons) CeMAP DipFA, CeRER

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Very efficient and professional, explained the processes very clearly. My adviser understood what I wanted to achieve, he made things easy to understand and explained the more complex issues in layman’s terms.
KC - Brentwood
I have been using my adviser for some 5 years and cannot praise him enough for the care and advice he has given both to myself and my company. Sterling & Law really care about their clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that needs good professional advice.
JB - London
I have known my adviser now for a number of years. It was the best recommendation I have ever had. He rescued me (and my finances) from a poor investment portfolio and turned it around completely.
MI - Ealing

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