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School fees planning from Sterling & Law

The costs of private and public school fees can be prohibitive. The magnitude of this undertaking ranks as highly as buying a house.

As a well-respected authority in the financial services industry, the team at Sterling & Law has the knowledge, expertise and network of advisers to help you realise your education goals for your family. Our tailored, and skilled approach enables you to pay school fees in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

With effective tax planning, investments and sometimes spreading the costs over the long term, Sterling & Law can make private education more affordable as well as increase your wealth in the process.

School fees planning – how can we help?

As qualified independent financial advisers, we can help you:

  • Establish the costs involved.
  • Establish what is realistically achievable.
  • Decide on which schools may be affordable.
  • Understand the different options available for funding school fees.
  • Design a plan to help you achieve your and your children’s educational aspirations.

Looking to learn more? Scroll through the rest of this page to understand how we can help you plan for school fees in a tax-efficient manner.

Helping you get the best education for your family

We would all like the best for our children, and that will often include the costs of private education. While parents are generally aware that school and university fees can represent the single greatest cost of being a parent, they may not as yet have quantified the likely cost or thought about how they are going to fund it.

How then do we ensure that your children have the necessary financial support to fund their education all the way from private school through to university?

As with every major commitment, planning is everything. This is where we come in. Whether you have no children yet or have children who are already at school, or whether you are considering funding for private school fees or university fees, Sterling & Law can help you.

Tax-efficient school fees planning

There are various mechanisms you can use to save for schools fees in a tax efficient way. When you meet and discuss this with your adviser, they will highlight all the options.

One way to save and plan for school fees in a tax efficient way is to use government-approved savings vehicles such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Junior ISAs.

These accounts allow you to invest up to a certain amount each year, and any returns are tax-free. Another option is to consider setting up a trust, which can provide additional tax benefits and flexibility.

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If you have a query for us, please fill in this short form. We aim to respond within a few hours.

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I have been using my adviser for some 5 years and cannot praise him enough for the care and advice he has given both to myself and my company. Sterling & Law really care about their clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that needs good professional advice.
JB - London
From the word go my adviser was both professional, knowledgeable and quickly understood my particular situation, what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. He always responded quickly to the many questions I had, and given the nature of some of those questions he showed a great deal of patience. His advice always had my best interest at their core.
RL - Kent
My adviser is very knowledgeable in the areas of investments and pensions. I found her very thorough and look forward to an ongoing relationship.
AJ - Dartford
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