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Financial adviser & pension advice covering Rayleigh & Essex

Hello, I’m Paddy Denning, a local financial adviser based in Rayleigh, Essex. My areas of focus for my clients include providing independent financial, pensions, and investment advice. Typically, I work with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Individuals
  • Couples and families
  • Business owners

An experienced financial adviser 

As a seasoned and dedicated financial adviser, I offer tailored, accurate advice, aligned to your own unique goals.  To achieve your desired outcomes, I listen to your needs and only act in your best interests.

I will take the time to understand your personal, familial, and business goals, as well as any worries or concerns you may have about achieving them.

Everything starts with a conversation, so if you are looking for a local IFA, call me now on:

A range of financial services to cater to your needs

The process of working with new clients, starts with an initial complimentary consultation.

After our meeting, as a financial adviser in Rayleigh, I will work with you to create a customized plan to help you reach your aspirations, whether they be for yourself, your loved ones, or your business.

I have the necessary experience and skills to assist with a range of matters, including:

  • Pension advice
  • Wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Inheritance Tax mitigation
  • Financial planning

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Why choose Sterling & Law? Local, experienced financial advisers

There are several benefits to working with one of Sterling & Law’s independent financial advisers, (IFAs) like me.

When working with my clients, I will:

 Help you to invest towards your ideal retirement in a tax-efficient way

  • Provide unbiased, comprehensive advice with no restrictions on the products and services I can recommend
  • Help you achieve your investment objectives
  • Collaborate with you to develop a savings and investments plan
  •  Take the time to understand your goals and help you find
  • Keep you on track towards your life and financial goals
  •  Help you plan for a happy, financially secure retirement
  • Support you during times of change, such as divorce, illness, and job loss

Proactive, tailored financial advice and planning in Rayleigh, Essex

As an independent financial adviser in Rayleigh, I am proactive in providing ongoing financial advice and planning. Maintaining consistent communication and contact with my clients is key to delivering tailored, personalized financial advice and support.

By adopting a relationship-based, informed approach, I will review your objectives, and financial position, and identify new opportunities to help you achieve your long-term goals.

If you’re looking to speak with an experienced independent financial adviser, don’t hesitate to call me now.

Pension Adviser in Rayleigh, Essex – local, trusted professional

If you are planning for, approaching, or in retirement, as an independent pension adviser in Rayleigh, Essex, I can help. As life expectancy increases, it is increasingly important to plan for a retirement that may last longer than 20 years. Changes in government legislation may also require individuals and families to reconsider their long-term retirement plans.

In these circumstances, obtaining pension advice can be crucial.

Expert pension advice for all stages of retirement

I have been providing pension advice in Rayleigh for over X years. As a pension adviser, my role is to help you evaluate your current position regarding your overall retirement, wealth, and later life income goals. I will work with you to identify any shortfalls and develop a plan to save and invest effectively to achieve your retirement goals.

My pension advice services are available to people of all ages, whether you are actively saving for the future or approaching, at, or in retirement. I can provide specialist pension advice or help you consolidate multiple pension plans into a single, manageable fund.

The benefits of investing in a pension

Pensions are a wise investment for retirement and offer several benefits, including:

  • Regular income during retirement
  • Tax advantages
  • Potential for employer contributions

It is important to carefully consider your options and select a pension plan that is appropriate for your individual circumstances, attitude towards risk, and financial goals. It is also advisable to start saving for retirement as early as possible in order to maximize the potential growth of your pension and increase your financial security in the long term.

Pension planning and consolidation services

As an independent pension adviser with extensive experience, I am well-equipped to design a retirement plan that meets your specific needs and goals. In addition to providing a steady source of income during retirement, pensions offer numerous tax advantages and other benefits that can help you achieve financial security in the long term. My pension advice and planning services can help you:

  • Consolidate all of your current pension plans into a single, easily manageable fund
  • Assess the role of any other savings and investments you may have
  • Determine an appropriate risk/return profile
  • Focus on your busy life without worrying about your retirement

Looking to speak to an experienced pension adviser?

Call me now on: 0203 740 5856

About Sterling & Law – local independent financial advisers

Since our establishment in 1997, Sterling & Law has been dedicated to using our expertise to help clients navigate the financial world’s complexities.

We are passionate about financial advice and prioritize our clients’ needs above all else.

Working with us for financial planning does not have to be a tedious and complicated process. Instead, we aim to make managing your finances a seamless and enjoyable experience.

To achieve this, we strive to build a long-term, trusting relationship with you and your family. You can count on us to deliver.

About Paddy Denning – local IFA and pension adviser 

Paddy first began his financial services career in 2012 working for a national advisory firm based in the city, acquiring vast experience across a wide range of advice areas. He has more recently worked in a holistic financial advice practice that specialised in retirement planning for high net worth individuals.

Emphasizing continued professional development, Paddy obtained Chartered Financial Planner Status in his early twenties, making him part of a select few of his peers to achieve this qualification.

Paddy operates in the City of London, providing tailored solutions to both young professionals and private clients seeking advice on retirement planning, investments and protection.

You can find out more about my full range of services on my personal micro-site: https://sterlingandlaw-rayleigh.co.uk

Need financial advice?

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Chartered Financial Planner

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I have known my adviser now for a number of years. It was the best recommendation I have ever had. He rescued me (and my finances) from a poor investment portfolio and turned it around completely.
MI - Ealing
I am very happy with the service Sterling & Law provides. If I have any problems or questions my adviser responds rapidly and always explains things I am not familiar with.
FP - Hertfordshire
My adviser made sure she completely understood me, my attitude to risk, and what I was looking for. She listened to me, and worked with me to ensure that I was comfortable with the suggested way forward. I liked the fact that she never tried to push me in a certain direction – it really felt like my choice!
SV - Greenwich

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