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5 ways to avoid pensioner poverty

How to avoid pensioner poverty The breadline, AKA pensioner poverty is a very real prospect for many at retirement. Most people born post-1970 are facing very different retirement prospects from those of their parents and grandparents. Back then, a job was for life and final salary pension schemes were commonplace. If you worked for a […]

How much money will I need to retire on?

How much money will I need to retire? The question we often come across when talking to a new customer is ‘how much money will I need to retire on’?  Most people would agree that a lottery winning of a million would be very nice indeed. Some would however argue that a million wasn’t anywhere […]

Is your retirement provision based on luck or judgement?

The Government introduced pension schedule E Auto-Enrolment in 2012, ensuring that most people joining a company in the UK enrolled in their workplace pension scheme. These workplace pensions are indeed a very good thing and have worked very well. They require little thought from the employee and are compulsory for both employee and employer, meaning […]

5 reasons to be afraid of Pension Freedom

This month, the new Pension Freedom rules came into force. Now, if you are over the age of 55 you have the freedom to take control of your pension and retirement income. In other words, you can withdraw your entire pension fund and blow it on a cruise of you wish. Generally, this is great […]