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Financial advice – could I do it myself? Here are five tips.

Does everyone need to hire a financial professional to manage their finances? I don’t think so. I have come across many people who have done an excellent job in managing their own financial affairs well. Some of these people have done it all without the assistance of a financial professional. I’ll admit that I see […]

Five financial “no-brainers”

Have you ever spent a good while looking for a bunch of keys only to find they’ve been in your pocket all along? I certainly have! Some things are so obvious it’s hard to see them even though they may be right in front of you. Managing your finances is no different. Here are some […]

6 simple steps to setting financial goals

Financial goals are important. No one ever achieves anything significant in life without a goal. Imagine having to shoot an arrow without being given a target.  Where would you aim? Wouldn’t your shot be a pointless waste of time and effort? Goals give us something to aim for; they take us forward in life. They […]

Do I need a financial adviser?

Do I need a financial adviser? It’s a common question people ask themselves – do I need a financial adviser? Am I the wrong person to ask? Perhaps! I might be biased and of course, you would expect me to say “Yes, you do!” But maybe you don’t. What I’ll try to explain here is […]

Five simple steps to give your finances a boost

Fine tuning your finances should start with a financial MOT. This would involve sitting down with your financial adviser who will tell you whether you are in good shape financially or not. You could attempt to do this yourself, but getting it wrong could be costly. Here are the steps you should take. 1: Fine […]

It takes common sense to manage money

  I was reading this weekend of another superstar declaring bankruptcy. I couldn’t understand it. In fact, I have always been puzzled how some top sports stars such as footballers and basketball players or artists, such as musicians and film stars, who, during the summit of their careers, earned fabulous amounts of money, end up […]