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The benefits of using the Lifetime ISA

Lifetime ISA benefits – what are they? If retirement planning has crossed your mind, chances are you’ve already started contributing to a pension and perhaps have a Stocks & Shares ISA as well. While both of these options offer their own advantages in building a substantial nest egg for your later years, there’s another product […]

Is your financial castle built on sand?

Building financial castle on the sand

Is your financial castle built on sand? Let’s be honest; building wealth is much more fun than protecting it. Building wealth would include buying your first home, saving money over the short, medium and long term, creating a pension fund and perhaps investing in property.  Watching your assets grow over time can bring great pride […]

Are get rich schemes worth the risk?

There are a lot of reasons to be discouraged right now. We have a national lockdown, we know of people losing their livelihoods, there are promises of a deep recession and the news is gloomy. Worst of all, people are dying. There’s no doubt about it; we are living through an exceptional period and many […]

6 totally false financial myths

It’s astonishing how much financial misinformation there is out there. I see it on social media, on the news and often hear it when I see clients. Some of these myths are so embedded in our psyche that one could spend hours having heated arguments about them. Lets separate fact and fiction. Here are 6 […]

Get rich or die trying? Why?

Hard not to argue with the clarity of 50 Cent’s overall life goals, but dare I say it’s a little more complicated for the rest of us. What does money mean to you? I mean really? Yes, there is the standard glib answer that everyone wants more so they can buy more stuff and do […]