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A question and answer session with your IFA

Q: I have a fair bit in savings but I’m getting no interest on my money. I am nervous about the volatile stock market. How do I get a return on my money without the risk of losing it all? A: With interest rates at historic lows, things are great for borrowers but terrible for […]

Why is it important to be financially literate?

One of life’s biggest tragedies for me is that we are not taught financial literacy in schools. It is quite puzzling. Look at the maths curriculum of a 15-year-old and you’ll find them involved in complex calculations including Pythagoras theorem and intricate algebraic equations. All very clever. But what is the point of being able […]

It takes common sense to manage money

  I was reading this weekend of another superstar declaring bankruptcy. I couldn’t understand it. In fact, I have always been puzzled how some top sports stars such as footballers and basketball players or artists, such as musicians and film stars, who, during the summit of their careers, earned fabulous amounts of money, end up […]