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Is buy-to-let still worth it in 2023?

It’s easy to have a gloomy outlook if you’re a landlord or considering becoming one. Interest rates are higher, so having a mortgage is much more expensive than it was twelve months ago and the tax position is much less favourable. Let’s get past the bad news first – warning, there’s plenty of it! How […]

Five ways to prepare for interest rate rises

Worried dad thinking about family finances

Five ways to prepare for interest rate rises Concerned about interest rate rises? Now, I don’t claim to be any sort of economist, but my logic works like this: Inflation usually rises when the economy overheats. This happens when people have more disposable income. Demand goes up and therefore prices go up. The Bank of […]

Are your savings depreciating?

It hasn’t been an easy ride for people with savings. The best one can expect in a deposit account today without tying one’s money up for years is just over 1% per annum. But with real-world (CPI) inflation running at around 2%, your savings are depreciating! This phenomenon is forcing many savers who would never […]

What does it take to get a mortgage these days?

What does it take to get a residential mortgage these days? The mortgage market has changed considerably since just before the credit crunch, where at one point, all you needed was a pulse to get a mortgage. Things have changed somewhat, and knowing a bit about the market can help, especially if you want to […]

Why does the US rate rise matter to the UK?

Why does the US rate rise matter to the UK? US interest rates have risen by 0.25% due to the fact that the US has recovered substantially from the great recession. Policy makers now believe that homeowners and businesses are strong enough to absorb an interest rate rise. Some say that when America sneezes, the […]