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Inflation: the thief in the night

Inflation and tax savings thieves

Inflation is not a good thing. When inflation happens, your purchasing power is reduced. Your money is worth less. Every pound you own buys less. Why has inflation crept up on us? Demand for oil and gas has pushed up energy prices worldwide. This means higher bills for homes and businesses. Shortages of many goods […]

Fortune favours the brave

I hate the word CRASH. But for the purposes of the headline above, let’s call this fall in the stock market a correction. This month, the FTSE 100 share index fell by almost 10%, the US stock markets were all down heavily as was almost every stock market across the world. The press loved it. […]

David v Goliath

Don’t get mad, get even There was a time when I’d get quite upset looking at my bank statements. Banks, utility and insurance companies, lenders and mobile phone companies, all robbing me silently by direct debit. From time to time, I’d hear their names mentioned on the news. Record profits, yet again – billions! Astronomical […]