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Seasonal financial planning tips for 2024

Seasonal financial planning

Financial planning tips for 2024 – season by season How do you plan your finances by season? There is no set order in which to deal with your finances. However, breaking things down into months or seasons can make planning your finances easier and more fun. The financial advisers at Sterling & Law have created […]

Five financial “no-brainers”

Have you ever spent a good while looking for a bunch of keys only to find they’ve been in your pocket all along? I certainly have! Some things are so obvious it’s hard to see them even though they may be right in front of you. Managing your finances is no different. Here are some […]

6 totally false financial myths

It’s astonishing how much financial misinformation there is out there. I see it on social media, on the news and often hear it when I see clients. Some of these myths are so embedded in our psyche that one could spend hours having heated arguments about them. Lets separate fact and fiction. Here are 6 […]

Let’s talk about debt

Shortly after the credit crunch, UK household debt (not including mortgages) dropped sharply as lenders, with a reduced appetite for lending money, tightened lending criteria. This slowly loosened in subsequent years and it appears household debt is on the rise again. UK household debt now stands at a record £15,400 per household. The TUC will […]

The 7 deadly sins of money

Making money mistakes can be expensive and may take a long time to recover from. No one likes making mistakes, but making mistakes is probably the best way to learn. When you tell yourself, “Well, I’m never going to do that again”, you’ve learnt the hard way and chances are, you’ll never make the same […]

Why is it important to be financially literate?

One of life’s biggest tragedies for me is that we are not taught financial literacy in schools. It is quite puzzling. Look at the maths curriculum of a 15-year-old and you’ll find them involved in complex calculations including Pythagoras theorem and intricate algebraic equations. All very clever. But what is the point of being able […]

Old Money – don’t ignore your old pension fund

Don’t ignore your old pension fund With interest rates at historic lows, many UK savers switch regularly between savings accounts to ensure that they are receiving the best possible savings interest rates. Why is it then that when comes to money in an old pension fund, eyelids become heavy and money, sometimes significant amounts of […]

How do I make the most of my money?

How do I make the most of my money? One of the most common questions we get asked as Independent Financial Advisers is “How do I make the most of my money?” This question is of particular significance given the fast-approaching festive season. We see financial management as a journey at Sterling & Law which […]

What does it take to get a mortgage these days?

What does it take to get a residential mortgage these days? The mortgage market has changed considerably since just before the credit crunch, where at one point, all you needed was a pulse to get a mortgage. Things have changed somewhat, and knowing a bit about the market can help, especially if you want to […]

Insurance can really be a joy when you need it!

Single Mum Wendy’s symptoms started when she slowly started losing interest in eating at the beginning of 2014. “I got on with life as usual but it was only when my sister asked me how I had lost so much weight that I realised with a start that I had dropped two stone in the […]