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A mortgage real life story

A mortgage real life story

Mortgage Real Life Story: Helping a Couple Get a Good Mortgage Deal Analysts say that the Bank of England is caught between a rock and a hard place. They have a choice between allowing inflation to run riot or killing borrowers with ever higher interest rates. We see the numbers, but how does it affect […]

Should I overpay my mortgage?

Considering whether to overpay a mortgage

Should I overpay my mortgage? Interest rates are on the up. Quite rightly, anyone with mortgage is concerned about affordability. If you have extra money to spare each month, should you overpay your mortgage? This would reduce both the mortgage amount and the overall mortgage term, thereby reducing the interest you would pay overall. It […]

Five ways to prepare for interest rate rises

Worried dad thinking about family finances

Five ways to prepare for interest rate rises Concerned about interest rate rises? Now, I don’t claim to be any sort of economist, but my logic works like this: Inflation usually rises when the economy overheats. This happens when people have more disposable income. Demand goes up and therefore prices go up. The Bank of […]

Is your financial castle built on sand?

Building financial castle on the sand

Let’s be honest; building wealth is much more fun than protecting it. Building wealth would include buying your first home, saving money over the short, medium and long term, creating a pension fund and perhaps investing in property.  Watching your assets grow over time can bring great pride and joy. Conversely, worry and pain when […]

Financial planning starts with goal setting

Goal setting fails

The importance of financial goal setting Getting started is the most difficult step for those new to financial planning.  But it all starts with having financial goals. Goals give you a target and help you focus on the things you really want to do with your money. Building wealth and managing spending involves some short-term […]