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How much should you pay into a pension?

how much should you pay into your pension couple ask each other

How much do I need to pay into my pension? Everyone knows they need to save for retirement, but the big question is “How much should you pay into your pension?” I have come across many different formulas for the calculation. Some are quite good; others are seriously flawed. Let us see if we can […]

How to plan for the five financial life stages

How do you plan for the five financial life stages? Think about who you were five, or even ten years ago. Have your priorities changed in that period? It is important to adapt your financial planning as you go through life and accumulate wealth. In this article, we discuss some things to think about as […]

5 ways to give your employer’s pension scheme a boost

5 ways to give your employer’s pension scheme a boost A lot of thinking went into a setting up a personal pension in the old days, especially when there wasn’t an employer’s pension scheme you could join. You’d have to decide on your risk appetite, which pension provider to go with, your investment strategy, which […]

Is your retirement provision based on luck or judgement?

The Government introduced pension schedule E Auto-Enrolment in 2012, ensuring that most people joining a company in the UK enrolled in their workplace pension scheme. These workplace pensions are indeed a very good thing and have worked very well. They require little thought from the employee and are compulsory for both employee and employer, meaning […]

The 6 essentials of wealth planning

Good wealth planning – preserving assets & reducing taxes The first step in good wealth planning is to establish where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there taking into consideration what is important to you and your current financial means. Everyone is different. As we […]

What is your magic number?

What is your magic number (to retire on)? “How much money do I need to retire?” is quite possibly the most common question I am asked by clients. Need? What exactly does “need” mean? By “need” do people mean the bare essentials such as heating, council tax and beans on toast on the table?  Or […]