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Can equity release be used to reduce inheritance tax?

Equity release and inheritance tax – short guide No one likes paying tax, but inheritance tax is probably the most unpopular tax of all. This is because inheritance tax is perceived as being a tax on the dead rather than the living. It is also a tax on giving rather than receiving. To rub salt […]

Equity Release; the good, the bad and the ugly

A short guide to equity release Some retired people might find themselves house rich, but cash poor. Equity release can be a way of redressing the balance. The language used by equity release firms in the numerous television and newspaper adverts is enticing; “Access the value of your home, tax-free.” How much tax-free cash could […]

A guide to equity release

A guide to equity release – by Daniel Mayman We find that the majority of people in need of care would much rather remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home to receive it.  However, if you find that the level of your income or savings are insufficient to pay for this, are […]