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How to avoid the 5 most common investor mistakes

Avoiding investment mistakes

Whilst making mistakes is natural, making them in investing can be painful and expensive. Poor judgement could hurt your investment journey and potential returns. Thankfully, we can learn from the past mistakes made by others. Here are five common investor mistakes you should watch out for: 1: Waiting for the right time: Many people wait […]

Holding your nerve

Some good questions: Is it a good time to invest? Now the markets seem to have stabilised a little, should I cash everything in, or sell to cash? Should I continue to sit tight and ride out the storm? Rather than answer these questions individually, the following points will make reference to each in the context […]

Could a bear market or stock market crash work in your favour?

Could a bear market or stock market crash work in your favour? If you have any money invested in a personal pension or stocks and shares ISA, you might be aware of bull and bear markets. You may on the other hand be blissfully oblivious. What is certain is that you’ll probably hear these terms […]

Seven secrets of success in investing

Is there a secret to making real money by investing? Well, no. Because the information is out there, all over the internet, readily available to those who are interested. Trawling through the myriad of information out there can be a painful and exhausting experience. But we are here to help. Here are seven of the […]

Can you time the market?

Is it a good time to buy into the market now? A really common question and one which, as you have probably guessed, has a multitude of answers. What most people are trying to do is time the market. This means to pick a point to invest in the belief you are buying low then […]