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Ethical investing made easy

You have the power to drive change in the world. To ensure that your values are taken into account when you invest. To support those companies that are making good things happen through the products and services they provide, the way they do business or how they give back to society. Anyone who wants to […]

How will climate change affect your pension?

Have you ever looked under the bonnet of your personal or company pension or stocks and shares ISA to see how your money is invested? I’m not talking about how much you have in the UK, Europe, Asia or Emerging Markets. I am talking about delving deeper and getting an understanding of the individual companies […]

The importance of ethical investing

The ethical Investing universe is gathering strength and gaining momentum. This is a good thing because as the ethical sector grows, it will become more powerful and more influential. If it continues growing, eventually, it could be considered the mainstream and fund managers may be influenced not to invest in anything unethical. The long term […]

Can you profit from investing ethically?

Can you profit from investing ethically? What is more important to you when you invest money? Your principles or your profits? The term “Ethical Investment” in itself has been considered an oxymoron for many years. Is it possible to have your cake and eat it by making profits through ethical investing? One theory is that […]