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Six things we can learn from the wealthy

Six things we can learn from the wealthy In this article, we focus on a range of things we can learn from the wealthy. Take a second and think of someone you really admire. Chances are that nine out of ten of us would have chosen someone who’s successful and wealthy. The wealthy are different. […]

Inheritance tax solutions

Adam Walkom Independent Financial Adviser, IFA Richmond

Dear Adam, I am writing to you with regards to my Mother and the potential inheritance tax bill I believe we may end up with. My Mother is 87 years old, in good health but getting on a bit and we are considering a care home. She owns her 2 bed flat in Richmond worth […]

Think inheritance tax is only for the wealthy? Think again

Is inheritance tax only for the wealthy? When inheritance tax, formerly known as death duty, was originally introduced, it was intended to tax only the very wealthy. However, with the rise of house prices more and more ordinary people are finding themselves caught in the net. In fact, many ordinary people for whom the net […]