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What does an estate planner do?

In this article, we answer the following question – what does an estate planner do? We offer a short overview of what estate planning is along with information on the role estate planners perform for their clients. If you are looking to reduce tax on your estate, or a looking to preserve your assets, read […]

Wealth preservation: Seven ways to preserve your wealth, assets & property

Interested in wealth preservation strategies? In today’s article, we focus on the different ways to preserve your wealth, assets ad property.  Whether you have earned your wealth, inherited it, or made shrewd investments, you will want to ensure that it can be enjoyed by you, your family, and your intended beneficiaries, and not the taxman. […]

The 7 deadly sins of money

Making money mistakes can be expensive and may take a long time to recover from. No one likes making mistakes, but making mistakes is probably the best way to learn. When you tell yourself, “Well, I’m never going to do that again”, you’ve learnt the hard way and chances are, you’ll never make the same […]