The benefits of using the Lifetime ISA

If you’ve given retirement some thought, you’ve likely begun paying into a pension and you may have a Stocks & Shares ISA. Both of the above have their advantages in helping you build a decent nest egg to enjoy in later life, however one product not to overlook is the Lifetime ISA. This article will […]

Investing for the first time

If you want your savings to have the best chance of beating inflation, you’ll likely need to find a good investment for your hard earned cash. With the huge rise in TikTok advice, YouTube gurus and DIY forex courses, it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will outline five things you […]

Should I overpay my mortgage?

Considering whether to overpay a mortgage

Interest rates are on the up. Quite rightly, anyone with mortgage is concerned about affordability. If you have extra money to spare each month, should you overpay your mortgage? This would reduce both the mortgage amount and the overall mortgage term, thereby reducing the interest you would pay overall. It would also reduce your loan […]

Lump sum v regular pension contributions; which is better?

Creating your pension pot

Pension plans are one of the best ways to save for the long term. For starters, you get pension tax relief on your contributions. This means that you get a top up from the government, so it effectively costs you less to save more. In addition to that, your pension contributions are typically invested for […]

5 ways to avoid pensioner poverty

The breadline is a very real prospect for many at retirement. Most people born post 1970 are facing very different retirement prospects to those of their parents and grandparents. Back then, a job was for life and final salary pension schemes were commonplace. If you worked for a company for 30 years or more, you were sorted. Those […]

5 ways to deal with the cost-of-living crisis

A couple working out their income v expenditure

It’s all quite alarming. The cost of everything is going up. The weekly shop, filling up the car, public transport, holidays, energy bills – everywhere you look, the squeeze is on. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed, especially when most household incomes are static. What to do? Wait for the government to step in? […]

Could equity release be used to reduce your inheritance tax bill?

No one likes paying tax, but inheritance tax is probably the most unpopular tax of all. This is because inheritance tax is perceived as being a tax on the dead rather than the living. It is also a tax on giving rather than receiving. To rub salt into the wound, inheritance tax is a tax […]

Five ways to prepare for interest rate rises

Worried dad thinking about family finances

I don’t claim to be any sort of economist, but my logic works like this: Inflation usually rises when the economy overheats. This happens when people have more disposable income. Demand goes up and therefore prices go up. The Bank of England controls this buy using interest rates. Raising interest rates increases everyone’s expenditure, especially […]

Insurance – what you need and what you don’t

Insuring and protecting those you love

Insurance is a crucial part of financial planning. This should be taken seriously. Having the right insurance could get you out of a hole at a time of desperation. But which insurance is non-essential, and which should you buy if you don’t already have cover? If you are single and have no dependents You may be […]

Can I gift my home to my children to avoid inheritance tax?

Taxed to death We spend our lives paying all sorts of taxes. Income tax and national insurance on your earnings, income and capital gains tax on your savings. Stamp duty when you buy a house, council tax to live in it. Car tax, fuel duty, value added tax; excise duty and corporation tax if you […]