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Insurance – what you need and what you don’t

Insuring and protecting those you love

Insurance is a crucial part of financial planning. This should be taken seriously. Having the right insurance could get you out of a hole at a time of desperation. But which insurance is non-essential, and which should you buy if you don’t already have cover? If you are single and have no dependents You may be […]

Fact: Working with a financial adviser can make you happier

Can working with a financial adviser make you happier? The relationship between money and happiness has always been and remains a topic of intense debate. One of the first debates I had in school was “Does money make you happy?” The answer to that question was a big fat “No”, primarily because so many wealthy […]

Who do you need by your side when getting divorced?

Divorce is considered one of the most stressful situations a person can find themselves in. It is no doubt a life changing event which no one should underestimate or go through alone. There are mixed and complicated emotions involved in the breakdown of any relationship. You’ll probably feel heart-broken, sad, angry, guilty or lonely; all […]

Is it worth paying for financial advice?

My cousin likes a bit of DIY, so when his boiler stopped working in November he decided to have a go himself. He looked up the model on the internet and downloaded a 72-page document with everything he needed to know about his boiler. After dismantling it and making a mess in the kitchen as […]