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Inheritance tax planning specialists in London

Inheritance tax planning is essential for safeguarding your legacy and ensuring your loved ones fully benefit from your life’s work. Our team of expert inheritance tax planners specialise in methods for reducing your IHT bill, ensuring your peace of mind.

Let’s explore how effective inheritance tax planning can secure your family’s future.

Understanding inheritance tax

When planning for inheritance tax, knowledge is power. We provide comprehensive insights and strategies to ensure your estate is prepared and protected.

IHT is a complex topic. 

Although many solutions are available to reduce or avoid it entirely, the support of an experienced expert is required to ensure the correct processes and procedures are followed.

Tailored inheritance tax planning for & your family

Every estate is unique. Our specialists craft tailored plans, considering your specific circumstances and goals. We focus on reducing your IHT bill while aligning with your estate planning objectives.

Our approach combines legal and financial expertise with a deep understanding of your needs, ensuring a balanced and effective plan.

Looking for advice on inheritance tax?

For a free initial consultation with an experienced, professional adviser, call  020 3740 5856

Working with Sterling & Law

Partnering with our inheritance tax planners means you will be well placed to minimise tax on your estate. 

Our team of IHT planners works closely with you to understand your unique financial position and potential future tax implications.

We devise bespoke plans help to ensure your legacy is preserved. 

Our collaborative approach involves regular reviews and adjustments, adapting your IHT planning requirements to life changes and evolving tax laws, and providing you with continuous peace of mind.

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Helping you reduce or avoid IHT

Maximising available exemptions and reliefs is key in IHT planning. We identify opportunities to minimise your tax liability, from gift allowances to trust planning, ensuring every avenue is explored for your benefit.

Our team stays abreast of the latest tax laws and regulations, applying this knowledge to optimise your estate’s tax efficiency.

Future-proofing your estate

Effective inheritance tax planning is about looking ahead. We help you future-proof your estate, and adapt to changes in laws and your personal situation, ensuring long-term security and compliance.

Our proactive approach anticipates potential challenges, allowing us to adjust your plan to meet evolving needs and regulations.

Continuous support & guidance

Our commitment extends beyond initial planning. We offer ongoing support and guidance, helping you navigate life’s changes and ensuring your IHT planning remains robust and effective. We’re here to answer your questions, provide updates, and make necessary adjustments, ensuring your peace of mind throughout life’s journey.

Looking for an inheritance tax planner?

For a free initial consultation with an experienced, professional adviser, call  020 3740 5856

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If you have a query for us, please fill in this short form. We aim to respond within a few hours. 

Articles & guides

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Your inheritance tax planners

At Sterling & Law, we have a network of planners and advisers covering London, the Home Counties, and the south of England. 

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience of inheritance tax planning and can provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

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T: 020 3740 5856

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here is a selection of questions we are often asked about inheritance tax planning.

Inheritance tax planning involves strategies to legally minimise the amount of IHT payable on your estate when you pass away.

Here’s a quick insight into some parts of this process. Inheritance tax planning involves assessing the value of your assets, using allowances like the nil rate band, making gifts, setting up trusts, and possibly investing in life insurance to cover potential liabilities.

It’s a matter of personal choice. However, there are many benefits to working with one. An inheritance tax planner provides tailored advice to help reduce your IHT liability so that you have more control over what happens to your assets when you pass away.

The current IHT threshold in the UK is £325,000. Furthermore, the residence nil rate band offers an additional allowance when passing a main home to direct descendants, currently £175,000.

Great question. There are many ways to reduce your IHT bill. These include including using gift allowances, setting up trusts, and investing in IHT-efficient assets. If you would like to know about the other ways to reduce or avoid a large inheritance tax bill, consider talking to one of our planners.

We have a team of financial professionals in London, the Home Counties and the South of England. Everything starts with an initial consultation. As a result, if you are concerned about this tax and would like the advice of an expert, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Trusts can be a powerful tool in estate planning and can help to reduce an inheritance tax bill. They offer potential tax benefits and greater control over how your assets are distributed after you pass away.

Regular reviews are recommended, especially after significant life events or changes in legislation or your financial situation. Rest assured, ongoing reviews are part of our service. No need to worry, you are in safe hands.

Yes, Life Insurance policies, when written in trust, can provide funds to cover tax liabilities without increasing the value of your estate. 

Everything starts with an initial consultation. This can be at your home, office, or via Zoom. This is our opportunity to understand your situation, and how we can help you best. From there, once we agree to work together, your adviser will offer their recommendations and deliver your plan. 

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If you have a query for us, please fill in this short form. We aim to respond within a few hours.

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I have been using my adviser for some 5 years and cannot praise him enough for the care and advice he has given both to myself and my company. Sterling & Law really care about their clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that needs good professional advice.
JB - London
My adviser made sure she completely understood me, my attitude to risk, and what I was looking for. She listened to me, and worked with me to ensure that I was comfortable with the suggested way forward. I liked the fact that she never tried to push me in a certain direction – it really felt like my choice!
SV - Greenwich
My adviser spent a lot of time explaining all my options in a patient and professional manner. I don’t think they could have done any better. Very happy overall.
LM - Chelmsford
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